Create lasting solutions to Poverty, Hunger & Social Injustice

Creating lasting solutions to poverty, hunger and social injustice.


The DHMA mission is to empower women to build  a sustainable world for future generations, expand leadership and tehnical skills, and to fully leverage technology in support of academic and professional excellence.

We work in community, for communication through their active participation , creating a protecting Environment to Women & Girls specially, providing training based on livelihood, information- Empowered through Digital Access, & connected them in unity including entreprenuership development. We work with researchers and NGOs to identify applicable government, civil society, commercial partners and implementing partners.

Evidence from developing countries is either scarce or contradictory to the popularly expected chain of events. Gender Digital Divide Index (2022) demonstrates that instead of empowering women economically in developing countries, digital transformation actually leads to deepening the gender divide and lowering economic support for women. People also argue that digitization leads to an increase in the privacy of finances for women enabling them to save more, but research from some countries suggested that with enhanced ease of withdrawal options (using ATM cards), women were more likely to invest in informal loan circles than save in a formal bank. Digitizing financial services also saw an increase in credit for businesses in developed countries, but evidence from some countries suggested that the main beneficiaries, in this case, were men. Women were less likely to get credit due to multiple reasons including the absence of a history of credit, lack of information on processes, and absence of digital skills.

To continue the legacy of Late Dharma Ratna Yami and Late Heera Devi Yami in the field of book publications, social deliveries and empowerment programmes.

Dharma Heera Memorial Academy ( DHMA) was established in 2012 to improve the services of publications, education, healthcare and disaster relief ( Earthquake, Landslides and Flood ) operations for under privileged people world wide, preserve the cultural heritage in Nepal. We are a humanitarian, non-profit NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) registered in Nepal, engaged in social service initiatives. Our challenge is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the underprivileged community. We are committed in our attempts to provide opportunities and resources to alleviate their needs and empower our society through scholarships, healthcare projects, community welfare programs and through promoting Nepal's cultural legacy and encouraging positive human values.

Mobile Web based Education for Children, youth and senior citizens:

Dharma Heera Memorial Academy(DHMA) was founded in memory of Dharma Yami and Heera Yami to promote the cause that they spent their whole life. The cause was social justice and growth of Nepali citizens through democracy, freedom to live equally and to be educated.
Dharma Yami was a prolific writer who wrote many books while fighting for freedom from tyrannical monarchial rule, and Heera Yami went door-to-door to collect children specially girls and educate them English and the lessons of freedom. She also fought for the equal rights and freedom of women in the society.
In the wake of April 2015 Earthquake, the K-12 education structure is in shambles; people are living in tent; parents have lost their livelihood and shelter in Earthquake hit area; and schools and educational infrastructure have been demolished. The children are being cared less and there is different types of neglect of children. Specially girls are more vulnerable due to violence and crime prevailingin the temporary shelter. Due to slow buildup of educational and social infrastructure on the ground, there is a fear of whole generation of children being lost.
The problem of education and violence against youth has become so critical that DHMA has taken up the cause. It will extend the ideology of late Dharma and Heera Yami by taking the education and learning to the youth. In modern time, technology has made broadcasting of education possible through the use of technology. DHMA will set up virtual mobile classes where the students will be learning the material using DHMA web site that will prepare educational material and material for social welfare. It will also partner with other INGOs and partners who will like to collaborate with us in extending the ideology of Dharma and Heera Yami who committed to the cause since 1947.
Mobile Virtual Classes (MOBVIC) will not be in one place. Students will be learning themselves using lessons on mobile phones any time of the day based upon their availability of time. Volunteers will be available to help them on the cloud on published times to explain the concepts if needed.